Junior Web Developer

I _


HTML | CSS | JavaScript| React

Patreon website clone

Recreating Patreon website with mobile-first approach development. Translating design into functional code.

Keycode Generator

Generating keycode values

Drum Kit

Play this drum by using pressing key on your keyboard or click on the button.

Single Player Dice Game

This is a single player dice game. If you roll 1, you lose. If you keep rolling up to 20 and above, you win!

Data Visualization of Titanic Survivors

Learning to visualise data with dimplejs, a library built on top of d3.js


Building a calculator using react JS. User should be able to tap the buttons, have input values displayed on screen, calculate using the operator buttons. Social Network for Code Nation

Working in a team of 5 to build a Social Network App with ReactJS. Prototyping design with Figma.

Notes App

A pair-programming project using React and utilising Local Storage. User should be able to add, edit, save and delete the note.
User should be able to save the notes in Local Storage.
In this project, I learn about Local Storage and how to implement it in the build of the app.

Train Timetable App

A sprint full-stack app project within a group of 3. Tech stack: React, NodeJS, RestAPI.
I worked on the design on Figma with mobile-first approach and built the User Interface on Front-end with React.
I worked on fetching data from the API to render on the app.
I also contributed to the logic behind getting the train timetable data from TransportAPI.